Whether you're in business or a person just trying to find your way in this world, the power of knowledge is the gateway to success and freedom.


For most of the last several hundred years, land, labour and capital have driven economies around the world. For the first two thirds of the twentieth century the mass production method took over as the main shapers of the industrial economy.

Now brainpower, ideas and innovation are the new drivers that’s shaping the future of organisation and the ability of people to perform at their best. At YIEDI, we believe in empowering people with the right knowledge and set of skills.

Entrepreneurial development is important for economic development, but for entrepreneurship to be seen as a viable income generating activity it must be linked to factors that influence confidence, a positive perception of entrepreneurship and the desire to take the risk necessary to start a new business. A culture of entrepreneurship could unleash the economic potential of all people in South Africa, particularly the youth who need to be provided with options that allow them to actively contribute towards the economy.

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Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

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