Entrepreneurship Development

The YIEDI Entrepreneurship Development programmes are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills required to grow and sustain their business. The programmes are activity-based, interactive and mentor-led and encourage participation. Our main objective is to create a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and game changers to access relevant entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their business.

At YIEDI we customize our programmes to suite the requirements of the client. We are currently delivering the following accelerators and entrepreneurship development programmes:

This six-month programme is targeted at established black-owned tech companies in the financial services, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. The programme was officially launched on 21 May 2019. The seven companies range from firms focusing on software-as-a-service (SaaS) to artificial intelligence (AI) and bitcoin. Over the course of programme, participants will get the opportunity to collaborate with decision makers from the tech industry and gain access to mentors and coaches. Some of the topics that covered include business development and enablement, as well as investor readiness, design thinking and media readiness. To apply for similar programmes, visit the Apply for a Programme page.

The YIEDI Business in Box Programme is a customised 5  to 15 Day Programme that has been developed for staff that are transitioning from the corporate world to becoming entrepreneurs, or for individuals that are growing a side hustle or entrepreneurs just starting a business or corporate staff wishing to embed entrepreneurial thinking into their existing roles and business units.  Since the beginning of 2019 this programme has been delivered to over 150 individuals and to date over 70 businesses have been registered. The programme is coupled with company registration support, branding support and mentoring hours.  Corporates can decide on the services offered. The programme can be delivered face to face or via webinar. To register for the YIEDI Business in Box Public Programme, visit the Apply for a Programme page.

The PROPreneurX is a Property Entrepreneur Accelerator, which is designed to give property entrepreneurs the support they need to grow their business. This six month programme is sponsored by Kagiso Trust and Motseng Property Group. It gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage and collaborate with decision makers from the property industry, to gain visibility and traction on their business growth and get advice from mentors to take their business to the next level. The entrepreneurs will also receive support services on marketing and branding and professional media packs. The development content with be complemented with property related masterclasses. To register for the PROPreneurX, visit the Apply for a Programme page.

Contact us for customised programme design to support your Entrepreneurship Development or Supplier Development Objectives

Other Services

Customer Services Training – 1 to 3 Days

Entrepreneurship Bootcamps and Team Building

Design Thinking Training – 1 to 2 Days

Incubator Management Training – 1 to 3 Days

Innovation Management Training (7 Steps Model) – 1 to 2 Days

Personal Business Mentoring – High Growth Entrepreneurs